All Hands On Deck

The Idea

The main idea that we based this project onto was a resource management game. Later we added that it will be in space, on a ship where a lot of "disasters" would randomly occur and the player would have to go around the ship fix them managing his resources and looking for some items that would help him escape.

The Components of the project

The game takes place in a large modular level that is composed out of multiple rooms: the hub room, the living room, the cockpit, two random rooms, an engine room and a hangar.

Some of the most important components of the game are the ships stats, the disaster spawner, the inventory system and all the tools that the player would use to fix the ship.

My contribution to the project

I worked on all the rooms, making all the objects that can be seen in the game, except the blender monkey head. I also made most of the systems that are used in the game, excepting the fps controller which is the basic controller that is offered with unity and the interaction script that i implemented.

This is a quick video that shows all the models used in the game and how the level was put together

If you want more information regarding how I made the game and would like to view the code that I wrote please head to the game website by pressing the button bellow.