HoboRunner is the first game that I have worked on as a project for the first semester of my first year at university.

The Idea

Every great projects starts out from an idea. When we were mind storming ideas for this project , we hit an obstacle. Everyone had great ideas, but we couldn't decide on a specific one, until someone came up with the HoboRunner idea. This idea managed to bring us all together and united us into a team.

What is HoboRunner

HoboRunner is a infinite side scrolling, beat em' up type of game witch tries to achieve more that it lets to be seen. The concept is very simple, a homeless man runs from the police for an unknown reason destroys everything in his wake without regard to any of his actions. As i stated earlier the game is an infinite side scroller, this means that a player will have endless amounts of fun with the game and that it will never end.

Game Components

The game is composed out of multiple scenes that are accessible through the main menu. Those components are the shop module, the infinite runner module, the character selection module, the settings module, the stats module, and the story module.

My contribution to the project

I mostly worked on the main menu, the infinite world, the random spawners, the punching system and many more. I also made a large assortment of visual assets for the game.

If you want more information regarding how I made the game and would like to view the code that I wrote please head to the game website by pressing the button bellow.